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The major object of the Trust will be to promote Scientific Research in Biological, Chemical, Physical and Social sciences including Human Resource management and sustainable development.

In pursuance of the above mentioned objectives, the following aims and activities shall also be considered and carried out:-

  1. To undertake research in the field of biological diversity and ecosystem management for sustainable development. Also create awareness among people on the importance of conservation of biological diversity
  2. To create data base and research capabilities on biological diversity and conservation biology, which would be of great importance and utility at local, regional, National and International level for policy decisions on environmental sustainability.
  3. To establish cooperation with agencies, institutions and research centres at regional, National and Global, and to conduct activities for the realization of the importance of capacity building for conservation of biodiversity.
  4. To undertake research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in collaboration with institutions / Universities / NGOs / individuals with in India and abroad.
  5. To establish research centres, educational institutions, training centres in the field of agriculture, human resource development, engineering  sciences, Life sciences, health sciences etc .
  6. To provide food, shelter and clothing to the poor and to provide relief for those stricken by natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, storm and fire accidents.
  7. To provide grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students and research scholars for pursuing education, Research in ecological and environmental sciences, social sciences, performing arts, vocational training, skill development etc.
  8. To apply science and technology innovation and transfer of technology through demonstrations, field trials and training programmes in rural areas of India.
  9. To study the ecological effects and environmental impact assessment of human interference on the values and resources of forest, lakes, marshes, wetlands and reservoirs.
  10.  To establish institutes/regional research stations to undertake research in pure and applied sciences including biotechnological interventions for human welfare.
  11.  To undertake awareness, training, research and development in apiculture / Beekeeping with a view to provide pollination service to commercial crops and wild flora.
  12.  To arrange training programmes in beekeeping, sericulture, aquaculture, floriculture, urban horticulture,  post harvest technology of farm products etc
  13.  To undertake in-situ and ex-situ conservation of rare, endangered (RET) species in different ecological zones.
  14.  To undertake research, and involvement in the restoration of fragile ecosystems.
  15. To promote greater public participation and creating awareness of the role of local people in biodiversity conservation for sustainable livelihoods.
  16. To grant financial assistance to any institution for granting scholarships, prizes, medals, awards for excellence in advanced studies, and scientific research particularly in the field of biological sciences and natural resources.
  17. To undertake research, make grants for projects in environment and ecology in India or any part of the world with special emphasis on  tree planting, wildlife conservation, alternative  energy, reduction of greenhouse gases, resource recycling etc.
  18. To undertake Research and Development in the restoration of mangrove forests.
  19. To focus on the conservation and Management of Pollinators in both natural and Agriculture ecosystems.
  20. To focus on promoting household food security, among the socially and economically deprived sections in society, through various interventions.
  21. To print, publish, purchase, sell, circulate, distribute or exhibit either free or for a price – books, periodicals, journals, monographs, booklets, bulletins, calendars, message-cards, other literature, films, documentaries, records, paintings and photographs which will assist or promote the objects of the Trust.
  22. To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, study tours, for the advancement of the objects of the Foundation.
  23. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops in India as well as in any foreign country in order to provide platform to scientists, scholars, students and policy makers, heads of government on the issues relating to the conservation of biodiversity, natural resources ( water, minerals, energy etc) and any of the emerging issues for sustainable development.
  24. To establish training and research centres in any region of India or abroad for the protection of flora and fauna for the welfare of the people at large.
  25. Raise funds through donations and contributions to support all the above activities, and setting up appropriate management structure, including subsidiary units as necessary.
  26. Create assets (land, buildings and infrastructure) including transport facilities to accommodate any of the above activities.