Test regn fee

For Digital Self Registration / Booking Desk, Scroll to the bottom of this Page.

Test regn
Date Type Currency Fee / Price
Sun Apr 23, 2023 to Mon May 15, 2023 test fee INR 10.00 Sale Ended
Mon May 1, 2023 to Mon May 15, 2023 test fee USD 1.00 Sale Ended

Test regn fee

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Procedure for online Self  Registration:

  1.  Select one or multiple option of registration type per your choice.
  2.  You will be asked for sign up /or login - Do this as you will normally use to login to proceed to Cart
  3.  If you need more number of attendees, change the quantity to your needs in the Cart Quantity option. Accordingly, number of Registration forms will open up. Fill the Registration form correctly otherwise, your details will not refelect in Badges, Certificates, login etc.
  4.  Proceed to checkout, select payment options, fill all required details correctly AND PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DATA ENTERED. PLEASE CHECK correct EMAIL ID is given otherwise, you will not get any updates, receipt,login to the system
  5. Review your details
  6. Submit to make payment.
  7.  Please see the Invoice is generated and an acknowledgment email is received by you to your email id.
  8.  Have issues? - Email support@mypadnow.com or call +91.9944050600